Modify the menu items

Modify the default values of menus

Lilypond is a moving project, and the syntax of some commands can change with the updating to a new version. "Lied" has some functions that allow you to modify the obsolete commands and add new commands.

Modify the default menu items

Click on Edit->settings to open the settings window. The first three tabs modifies the default menu items. The name of these menu items cannot be modified, but you can enter new values for it.

Modify the user menu

Using the other tabs you can add new menu items.

Save the modified values

To save all changes, click on the button "save" at the bottom of the window.

Setting html help file path

To set the command line to launch the help pressing F1 open the Setting window (Edit->Setting). E.g.:


konqueror /home/userx/lied/html/index.html & (as above, on a Linux Os using a KDE desktop environment, default browser for this command on Linux is Firefox)

start C:\Lied\html\index.html (on a Win Os)


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