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Clilypboard is Lied (see below) without text editor. Clilypboard allows users using the main Lied's functions (musical definitions in Lilypond syntax), using any text editor. Clilypboard copies the menu items into the computer's clipboard, allowing then the insertion of the selected item into an external text editor. That is following is the Lied documentation, correspondent to this Clilypboard version. The items related to the text editor features, should not be taken in consideration.

What is Lied?

Lied is a Lilypond editor, available for Linux (and other Unix-like systems) and Microsoft-Windows.

Main features


A list of usefull links to install and working with Lied




Currently the version of Lilypond to which Lied makes refer is the 2.12.3 (latest stable): You can download it from the official Lilypond site at:


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